“Over Again” by Cicci Landén

One of the best things about country music is storytelling, no matter the topic (love, death, cheating). Through this method, the audience can understand and connect with the writer. Swedish Americana singer-songwriter Cicci Landén uses this method to tell her personal story in her single “Over Again.” 

The song is a story about a never-ending family feud and the lyrics Landén included in the song perfectly expresses the emotional impact of that part of history repeating itself. The imagery in the lyrics perfectly depicts the pain of having family, people you love, and people that are supposed to love each other, fighting and intentionally trying to hurt each other — but like Landén says in her single, what goes around comes around.

While the story is heartbreaking, the song’s composition is exquisite. For starters, Landén’s soulful and powerful vocals stand strongly in the spotlight and don’t fail to amaze. The Americana singer successfully grabs the audience’s attention with her voice. On top of her lead vocals, the beautiful harmonies add so much emotion to the song. Landén gives strong Martina McBride and Faith Hill vibes, but still carries her own originality. While the instrumentals aren’t too complex, they do allow Landén’s voice to stand out while also complimenting her. 

“Over Again” is a beautiful song with a valuable lesson. Family feuds don’t help anything and harm future generations. With that said, it’s best to bury the hatchet before it buries you. Yee-haw to Landén for an amazing song!

Written by Taylor Berry

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