“If You Wanna Love Me” by Allegra

UK popstar Allegra didn’t hesitate to impress and commanded her listeners to dance with her October-released single “If You Wanna Love Me.” The funky synth-pop track carries the audience’s attention and interest throughout the entire piece to the point where they’ll want an encore — thankfully, there’s a repeat button.

From the infectious beat to the groovy bass, “If You Wanna Love Me” contains a great amount of energy, which is why you can’t help but dance to it, especially during the chorus. It’s important for a lot of synth-pop and electro-pop songs to have some dynamics to prevent the track from sounding repetitive and Allegra’s single has great dynamics. The energy buildup from the pre-chorus to the chorus is phenomenal because it almost teases the listener. Many people can’t wait to get to the best part and making the audience wait before going crazy on the chorus is genius. 

The cherry on top would have to be Allegra’s beautiful vocals. Allegra didn’t fail to impress her audience with her professional vocal skills in the unapologetic and attitudinal tune.

Allegra is a beautiful artist who has the skills to make it even bigger in the music industry. With her previous work, it’s evident that the UK performer is extremely talented and only getting started. From the sounds of “If You Wanna Love Me,” Allegra has a bright future ahead of her and we can’t wait to hear more from the superstar!

Written by Taylor Berry

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