“Static” by The Thing With Feathers

Upon hearing “Static” by indie rock band The Thing With Feathers, there’s this obvious vulnerability in the song that snatches you the moment you press play. And the way it was produced makes it almost impossible to strictly listen to the record without submerging your mind, body, and soul into it to where you’re intoxicated from the song’s composition. Throughout the song, you’re no longer in control of yourself. Once you take a sip of “Static,” you’re under its influence and you have no choice but to get lost in the emotion of it all.

The driving percussion and guitars add so much emotion to the track and represent different ones, from sadness and rage to desperation and despair. Speaking of desperation, the most surprising and mesmerizing factors of the track would have to be the pleading in lead singer David Welcsh’s voice.

It almost sounds like that guy with the scruffy beard who sings at a bar while getting drunk, but when he sings on stage, he forgets and loses himself in the music. That is called passion, which is why these guys have. I’m highly impressed by the desperation in the lead vocals in the chorus because while it has that “whiny” tone, it’s not annoying. You empathize with it since it sounds pleading and shows vulnerability. 

This release follows their release of “We’ll Be Fine,” another amazing song to check out. The Thing With Feathers is on a roll!

Written by Taylor Berry

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