“Sad Girl Thing” by ZØIE X

Atmospheric vocals grace ZØIE Xs newest release, “Sad Girl Thing”. Sometimes leaning into their electronic after-effects, while at others opting for rapid delivery akin to rap. Introspective lyrics dive into the aesthetic; occasionally depressive, but pretty all throughout. Driven almost entirely by the energy brought by vocals through many of the verses allowing the song to feel like it was floating along freely. By the time the chorus came around, the energy flipped like a switch. Those introspective lyrics turn into a shout chorus and the instrumental takes the forefront.

Versatility of both instrumental and vocals allowed “Sad Girl Thing” to take a myriad of different vibes. Opting for delicacy with piano through the thought evoking verses gave beauty and plenty of room for the song to grow. By the end the electronics fully distort the texture while the vocals take a back seat. These contrasting vibes helped everything feel fresh, yet vaguely familiar at the same time. Not only that, but it brought out the gentleness of the low energy parts and the boisterousness of the higher energy.

Despite the tenderness of the topic and lyricism, the upbeat chorus’ lean away from the sad-aesthetic. Turning into a danceable high energy celebration instead. It twists the definition of being sad, while still retaining the melancholy undertones. This not only showed off ZØIE X’s versatility, but allowed the whole song to feel like it grew and turned into something. A great release, and a song that is bound to sneak a smile onto even the saddest of faces.

“Sad Girl Thing” by ZØIE X can be found on any major streaming service.

Written by Tyler Roberts





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