“Dezert Rocket” by Dez Rocket

St. Louis native Dez Rocket is no stranger to adversity and according to him, the recording of his latest self-titled album “Dezert Rocket” was certainly no exception. Since the beginning all the way to end there was an enormous amount of drama and mayhem.

From a 4.4 magnitude earthquake causing damage in the studio to a devastating fire at Dez’ home, he was also taking care of his dying father for 9 weeks and watching him take his final breath, to the death of his cousin and cat, not to mention a dozen pieces of blown studio equipment and gear, including a catastrophic computer failure!

Unfortunately it doesn’t stop there, a giant oak tree fell on the first studio crushing it and rendering it unsalvageable, forcing him to scramble to find another studio to complete the album! It’s no wonder that it took a year longer than expected to finish the record or that he even had enough fortitude and perseverance to see it through to its final and inevitable completion. Despite ALL of that, it didn’t stop Dez Rocket from releasing “Dezert Rocket”.

Dez starts the self titled album off with “Lose” and “Fooled You” , these are the two perfect songs that will get the party going. You get so lost in the moment when listening to his album that time just flies by and before you know it, it’s over. Once you get into the groove of the album, Dez switches it up with his single “Shocktane”.

The heavy guitar riffs mixed with his smooth vocals makes for a great single. He released an even more amazing video to go along with “Shocktane”, the video will keep you hooked and engaged in the story line. Dez Rockets’ charisma plus his talents equals the amazing video that is “Shocktane”.

A couple of songs after “Shocktane” Dez takes a different approach with “Slide”, the rock song has a sort of surfer yet skater vibe to it. It meshes different vibes and it turned into something amazing. It’s heavy hitting yet relaxing at the same time, it’s the perfect song to get crazy to (if you’re into that).

The album ends on a high note…..literally, Dez hits one of the highest and longest notes known to man. “Two Ton Name” was the perfect choice to end the album, it leaves you with this sort of high after you get done listening to it. Despite EVERYTHING that Dez has been going through he has still managed to give his audience something spectacular.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: David Carlyon and Hezekiah Condron




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