“A Bath” by Arlen Hart Ginsburg

Arlen Hart Ginsburg’s new track “A Bath” from the album “Radian” is a unique soundscape filled with imaginative beats and soothing atmospheric melodies. This producer/artist has combined various genres of expertise into one track.

“A Bath” contains reminisce of Ginsburg’s musical training mirroring his extensive resume of studies in classical piano, Pop, Ragtime, and Jazz. His talents embody every note of the instrumental album. The listener can enjoy a compilation of low and grounded electronic beats accented with piano. In addition Ginsburg, originally from Chicago, has implemented the inspiration from his new home – Brooklyn, New York.

Arlen Hart Ginsburg explains how his music is a form of personal expression and storytelling, “The first piece of music I wrote was only a few bars, but for my math-oriented mind, it was as exhilarating as solving a calculus problem. Then, something clicked, I’ve been writing ever since. . . I love to tell stories through my music. Our songs are our stories, and just as we all have stories, we all have songs.”

“Radian” is an album filled with calming, buoyant sounds. Ginsburg’s music is lighthearted and beautiful. Imaginative colors of a soft glow surround its audience as the music plays. By far, it is a therapeutic and relaxing experience, “Radian” Is an album that can be listened to again and again.  

For Ginsburg, music composition is his life’s passion, and it clearly shows. He has had many accomplishments, writing and creating music for scores for full-length plays in New York and L.A., and San Francisco. In addition to numerous films, including Rules of The Game (premiered at Lincoln Center and selected at Cannes) Sin Matador and Amateur Dictator (recipient of the audience choice award at the Austin Film Festival).

Reviewed by Abeni Moreno





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