“LeadTheWay” by CritkilCondition

CritikilCondition is a St. Louis based band lead by Rylan, who is the guitarist and singer songwriter. CritikilCondition is new to the scene with their debut single “LeadTheWay”, which is a song directed towards being in love harder than the person you’re in love with.

“LeadTheWay” is classic grunge song in a modern world, CritikilCondition has done an amazing job at not ruining grunge. Grunge may seem like an easy genre to make but a lot of artists tend to get too upbeat and it becomes more punk. “LeadTheWay” captures the authenticity of grunge.

According to Rylan, “LeadtheWay” came at a time in his life when he needed guidance in more ways than one and he wanted his return to music to be meaningful and powerful. Once you hear the song you will understand what he means, before he even starts singing you can feel the music, you don’t just hear it.

With a relatable message and lyrics, CritikilCondition will go a long way in the industry. Once you hear their debut single “LeadTheWay” you will be hooked and itching for that next single to be released. Grunge will continue to be around as long as there are artists like CritikilCondition to keep it alive.

“Many relationships in today’s world usually consist of one person running while the other chases for whatever they can get, wherever they go the person leading the way knows that the other will follow for that feeling. This song is vital for the people in the same situation I was when I wrote it so they understand that real love doesn’t run from you, it doesn’t make you question what you deserve or take what you can get.” -Rylan

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Eryn Phipps





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