“The Ballad Of Life & Death” by Feralman

Photo Credit: Antelope Media

With the sun starting to peek its way through the window, my body is starting to feel as warm as my heart has felt listening to the latest single from the Welsh/Australian singer-songwriter Feralman, “The Ballad Of Life & Death.” 

Right from the jump, the folk music quickly embraces every fiber of your being and builds a sweet and comforting fortress around you made of sound. The music is then elevated by the serene blending of Feralman and Nashville’s Rochelle Feldkamp vocal stylings. “The Ballad Of Life & Death” is this folk meets fable-like song that is about the forces that come together in a marriage, and ironically enough – Feralman and Rochelle’s voices sound like a marriage meant to last. A perfect pairing through and through. Neither steps on the other, instead they flow like a magnificent river through a beautiful tale.

Feralman has been working around the clock throughout 2021. Earlier this year he released his debut album, ‘Chapters 35-43,’ a record 10-songs deep. He then had more to give the world and dropped two more singles from another new record that’s coming soon; “Let It Heal You” and the song we’re featuring today, “The Ballad Of Life  Death.” All of the above are what fans of indie-folk relish in. Wonderful vocals paired with excellent storytelling on a simple and serene, audible plain. 

Those who would like to relish in this themselves can check out Feralman’s music, including “The Ballad Of Life & Death,” out now on all major music and streaming sites. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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