Review & Press Interview: “Pretty & Paid 2.0” by Pap Chanel

As a country girl, Pap Chanel’s unapologetic lyricism and attitude separates her from others. The 22-year-old rising hip-hop star from Milledgeville, Georgia was never afraid to stand up, speak up, and be different. Pap, which stands for “pretty and paid” is her own brand and personal mantra that advocates women to be themselves, be their own boss, and know their worth. Since an early age, Pap Chanel has been working tirelessly putting herself on the map and paving the way for other females in the music industry. Storming a deluxe version of her 2020 project with 8 new tracks on Pretty & Paid 2.0, Pap Chanel showcases her unique artistry.

Unlike most people, who have one or two alter egos, Pap Chanel introduces us six different alter egos in her new projects that weave into a very interesting combination of sound palettes, accents, and lyricism. Papiana is the cocky, alpha ego that doesn’t mind being the elephant in the room. Her fierce, hard-hitting, unapologetic hipness brings out a dominating sound that seems shocking and rare among female rappers, yet staying true to Pap’s character.

Tupap is the poetic and the storyteller who has an entreprenuer mind. This alter ego has presented herself throughout Pretty & Paid 2.0 which her sharp insight that earns your respect. Inspired by Nicki Minaj, who is also the biggest influence in Pap Chanel’s music, the alter ego Papi is the innovative, big boss who births new waves, who is also the closest to Pap Chanel’s aesthetic. Then there is also the scientist Papatouille and the healer Papillion that approaches the tender and expedition side that give the project a new range of color.

“It’s hard to be consistent in this world because the world is constantly changing, but I’d like to stay consistent no matter the circumstance. That’s the biggest goal. I want to be the best at what I do, no matter what happens tomorrow,” said Pap Chanel. For anyone who has listened through at least one song in the project would instantly gain massive respect towards the young MC who touches you with her work ethic and unapologetic, authentic style.

Written by Katrina Yang

Press Q&A with Pap Chanel

Q (Bellas In Tune): What has been your experience as a female rapper being in the music industry? And what would be different if you were a man?

Pap Chanel: As a female artist being in a male dominated industry, I would say my hardship would be to just set myself apart from everyone else. But you know about guys, they always think like, she’s going to talk about this or that. It’s not easy that I don’t talk about the usual. One thing is just making presence known. When it comes to female artists, a lot of people don’t care to hear. They just already analyzing what she’s going to sound like, so they don’t even give a girl a chance sometimes. As a female artist, I just set myself apart even with my currents. That’s my biggest hardship. When people started to listen, they just automatically know.

Q: What advice do you have for other women who want to make it in rap music or women aspire who want to do what you do in this world?

Pap Chanel: I would say, Girl, you ain’t got any hiccups in life if you could just be yourself. Just be yourself Just be yourself. If somebody doesn’t accept it, so be it. Cut them off. It’s easy to be yourself and you can be paid just being yourself. Everyone is authentic in their own way.

Q : Who are some female artists you admire?

Pap Chanel: I love Niki Minaj. She talks about inner queen and she is a perfect artist for me to fall in love. When I first started listening to Niki Minaj, I fell in love before she was even a big artist she is today. I listened to her freestyle in a block in New York. She just speaks about her inner queen. She’s a big representation of what I wanted to be in the industry. I really love her.

Q (Berkeley B-side): If you have to choose one song or one era that helped shape your career to the mainstream, what would that be?

Pap Chanel: I would say Tupac Shakur – “Hit Em Up” from the 90s. I always love how he presented himself and his cockiness.

Q: What advice do you have for aspiring artists who are trying to make it in the industry?

Pap Chanel: When I first started to make music, I didn’t really have any fans. You don’t just wake up and happen one day. Just pushing forward and being yourself. Whatever you feel like needs to put on a beat and credit on it because somebody is going to like it. You just have to keep promoting yourself, be your biggest fan and supporter. If this doesn’t go to the right person, and next might go to the right person. Just be yourself and keep pushing yourself to put it in the right airway. Being yourself is easy. When you try to be somebody, that’s hard.

Q: Are there any artist that you wish to work with or collaborate with in the future?

Pap Chanel: I’m really open to working with any artist, especially females. Any female artist has one song that I just vibe with. At least one. With us females, there’s no telling in what might come out of it. I’m open to female artist and male too because I just like to work with people. It brings out a different side of me. I like just to go into the creative aspect, the different sound and personality. It brings out something new in me.

Q: What are some of the goals that you want to manifest moving forward in your career?

Pap Chanel: It’s hard to be consistent in this world because the world is constantly changing, but I’d like to stay consistent no matter the circumstance. That’s the biggest goal. I want to be the best at what I do, no matter what happens tomorrow.






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