“Ride or Die” by IRYS

Berlin-based singer-songwriter and producer IRYS has been defining her unique style of electro pop since she first started putting out music in March 2021. Her 5th and most recent single ‘Ride or Die’ was released on November 10th and stands out as the upcoming artists best track yet.

‘Ride or Die’ catches your attention from the get-go with a brief but impactful guitar opening that makes way for amazing, shotgun- like snares that bring the track into full swing. While fusing elements of trap, electronica and old-school synthpop IRYS paints a picture of toxic relationships spiraling out of control. Staying true to her pendant for warm hooks, ‘Ride or Die’ features an immersive and amazing bassline that provides the backbone for the song. The emphasis on trap elements on this track shows off IRYS’ growing musicianship and ability to expand as an artist.

IRYS’ dark, almost gothic approach to electro pop marks her as one of 2021’s most impressive young artists. Not only does her uniquely immersive soundscapes demand your attention from the get-go, IRYS’ smooth vocals and intense lyrical ability keeps you wanting more long after the song’s over. Housing hints of Charlie XCX and The Weeknd, IRYS has already lain the foundations of her musical identity and is now showing off her immense potential.

With ‘Ride or Die’ being the 5th and most impressive single yet, it’s safe to say IRYS is an artist which you can happily believe the hype. Stream ‘Ride or Die’ here now!

Reviewed by Ciarán Coleman





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