“Weekend Blues” by Poison Oak

Riding the high of their previous single ‘Losing Ourselves’ success, Poison Oak have released ‘Weekend Blues’, the second single from their upcoming EP. An anthem for the working class featuring catchy melodies and well thought out lyrics, Poison Oak’s new track keeps the bands momentum rolling.

‘Weekend Blues’ is pure indie rock fun. The band have taken a simple idea and worked it into the fabric of a brilliantly written song, similar to the likes of ‘The Cure’ and ‘The Strokes’. The simplistic premise contributes a lot to the songs charm, evoking a certain nostalgia for simpler times.

Produced by Mike Myers, the song is full of life and character. The atmosphere is vicariously unique while also being universally accessible for casual rock fans, making the track a strong progression from ‘Losing Ourselves’. The steady rhythm and hi-hat work provide the perfect foundation for the crisp guitars and catchy bassline to come in. The growing scope and ambition of ‘Poison Oak’s sound marks them as one of Australia’s most exciting rock acts of 2021. Their captivating storytelling ability and raw emotion will leave you desperate for me.

Stream ‘Weekend Blues’ here now!

Reviewed by Ciarán Coleman






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