Taipei, the experimental electronic/bedroom pop project from Finland artist Henrik Sundström is back with another ultra-dreamy song, “RAD I/O.” Electrifying synths and nostalgic instrumentals are tied in beautifully with Henrik Sundström’s autotuned, high-pitched, illusive voice. Sit back, relax, and zone out to this insanely calming, serene track.

Beginning with eerie vocals and hazy background instrumentals, “RAD I/O” takes the listener on a dreamlike journey they’ll never forget. As the song starts quietly with just the lyrics and hushed instrumental, Taipei subtly and slowly brings the music to life, getting louder and more intense. As Sundström’s vocals get louder, the background instrumental does as well, making the song genuinely feel like a dream. The song also fuses different genres: 80s synth-pop, bedroom pop, and electronic pop elements create a modern yet nostalgic feeling. 

This was Henrik’s first time using his vocals for a track, and it worked smoothly. According to him, ”RAD I/O” is an emotional robot, and the track is the robot’s point of view discussing it being a “creative workhorse”. “RAD I/O” seems to be the beginning of a new era in Sundström’s music, as adding his vocals creates an even more melancholy feeling.

Taipei is known for his nostalgic and retro-fused music, combining dream pop, bedroom pop, electronic pop, and chillwave elements. “RAD I/O” is the perfect song to listen to while winding down, trying to study, or on a scenic drive. Hopefully, we will hear more from RAD I/O in Taipei’s music.

Written by Melissa Cusano

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