“For The Vain And Lepered” by Regas-McDonald

In only two years, Regas-McDonald have released two records. The Cleveland duo kicked things off in 2020 with ‘Toward Void & Vistas,’ and didn’t wait long to gift the world with their sophomore record, ‘Hall of Fame Cities,’ which features half a dozen tracks including their latest single, “For The Vain And Lepered.” 

After listening to “For The Vain And Lepered” a handful of times, I could only sum it up as an audible onion because layers, there were aplenty. When it starts, it sounds like a parade or a circus of some sort rolling into town. Everything had this lively meets antiquity feel to it as it continued to build up. Then as quick as a flip of a light switch, things settle down and we’re drawn into this vaudeville meets folk meets troubadour sing-song moment that continues for the rest of the song. I feel like this is the distant cousin of Panic! at the Disco’s debut with less rock and more of an indie heart. At the end, when all was said and done, I found myself imagining this whole song and dance in a Disney movie during one of those larger numbers done; very theatrical.

So to recap, “For The Vain And Lepered” is this vintage-sounding folk track with indie elements that have lighthearted moments throughout. It’s a great song for those who like to listen to music that stands out from the typical, mainstream. If that’s you, make sure to check out the latest from Regas-McDonald, out now on all major music and streaming sites. 

Written by Kendra Beltran




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