“Quiet Village” by Nightly Gatherings

Imagine driving down a beautiful elongated road after an amazing day at the beach, wind in your face, and sun in your eyes. Nightly Gathering’s electronic pop track “Quiet Village” feels just like this. A beautiful instrumental that takes its time, hushed lyrics, emotive guitars: “Quiet Village” is a truly dream-like song that is perfect for those long drives, lonely nights, or music to be accompined when studying. It is a multi-purpose song with meaning. 

Nightly Gatherings is the solo project of electronic artist Connor Johnson from Chico, California. Mixing up elements of dance pop with also extremely melodic parts really makes his music unique. “Quiet Village” is Nightly Gathering’s last single before his upcoming debut album “Tethered Together”, which comes out December 10th 2021. With such an soothing track that is so easy to get lost in, “Quiet Village” truly feels like it belongs as the soundtrack to a coming of age film. There is something so nostalgic about the track, although being brand new.

“Quiet Village” is somewhat the beginning of Nightly Gatherings new persona. Not only is it part of his debut album, but it is also his vocal debut. It has an atmospheric instrumental that slowly becomes optimistic as the song continues. Even with such little lyrics, “Quiet Village” has a story to tell. Voices of kids in the background and melodic guitars, Nightly Gatherings take a mix of electronic pop with elements of bedroom pop to make the track accessible and enjoyable for everyone, even those who are not fans of the typical electronic genre.

Keep a lookout for Nightly Gathering’s upcoming album “Tethered Together”, as it is just the beginning of what is yet to come.

Photo Credit: Tim Madding

Written by Melissa Cusano

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