“I Want Your Love – Live at Ivy Room” by Year of the Fist

“I Want Your Love” is the 2nd single off of DCxPC Live Vol. 4 Presents Year of the Fist Live at the Ivy Room. Year of the Fist is no stranger to keeping their audience engaged and making hit after hit and “I Want Your Love” is no exception. YOTF describes their music as a combination of punk, grunge and metal with a dose of Riot Grrrl….this is music for fans of multiple genres.

The four piece group from Oakland, California has been together for the last ten years and it continues to show in their music. When you hit play on “I Want Your Love” your first thought might be OPEN UP THE PIT!!! This heavy hitting punk song is perfect for bouncing off the walls…or people.

Live music tends to bring out the wild side in most people and “I Want Your Love – Live at Ivy Room” is far from the exception. YOTF is keeping punk alive with its authenticity and grittiness, they making music for every single generation to enjoy.

While you wait for “DCxPC Live Vol. 4 Presents Year of the Fist Live at the Ivy Room” to be released you can enjoy the two singles “I Want Your Love” and “Red Lights Flash”. If that isn’t enough for you, their 2019 album “Revive Me” will keep you alive until more new music is released from the talented four piece.

Year of the Fist have been making music for a decade and they are sure to make music for decades to come. You wouldn’t want to miss out on witnessing the rise of something spectacular.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Niki Pretti





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