There is something so special about raw talent. Rapper, singer-songwriter, and spoken word artist Jules’s latest EP “IDENTITY: WHO AM I” truly feels like a star on the rise. Growing up in a small rural town of South East London, Jules uses her unique talent to tell her experiences. Emotive lyrics, beautifully produced, and Jule’s impeccable flow: “IDENTITY: WHO AM I” is a must listen. This is not a basic rap EP; Jules talks about important topics of social media, media bias, racism, among much more. 

The EP starts off strong with the hazy song “Outsider”, a dream-like track with a somewhat cloudy instrumental, accompined by Jule’s deep lyrics about feeling like an outsider. Beginning with a beautiful high-pitched piano, hushed voices are heard off in the distance, almost replicating the tranquil feeling of slowly waking up. Lyrics such as “I lost my innocence at 13” and “It’s absurd by celebrating us one day, you should be supporting us everyday”, as well as commentary on social media, bullying, and those who hide behind their screens are heard. 

The track is then followed by her spoken word track, “Yellow Fever”, where she discusses social media “warriors”, racism, and coronavirus. Tackling a number of topics, she simply leaves the track with the lyric “Will you follow the media violence, or join me in artistic silence?” 

The EP continues with the track titled “The Truths” (feat. Capo Lee), which is much more intense than the previous tracks on Jule’s EP: hard-hitting, deep-rooted lyrics, and addicting beat. The track begins with the same lyrics as the previous song, ““Will you follow the media violence, or join me in artistic silence?”, while a violin is in the background, giving an extremely intense feeling. Capo Lee’s verse ties in the EP perfectly, discussing culture, society, and racism. 

The EP is an amazing mix of rap, spoken word, trap, and even some R&B. The different elements of genres make each track truly distinctive: “The Truths” is a hard-hitting hip-hop song, which is then followed by more R&B inspired tracks with “Feeling Myself”, and “Who Am I”, which highlights Jule’s softer side. 

Wow, what an EP, Jule’s “IDENTITY: WHO AM I” is truly a unique experience that is meant to make the listener really think. Will you join Jules in artistic silence?

Written by Melissa Cusano

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