“Like Glue” by Quentin Wylie

There is nothing like having moved on from a relationship and then suddenly being hit with an emotional wave of nostalgia triggered by the smallest of things. From a scroll through Instagram where to a certain smell, Quentin Wylie warms the hearts of all those who have ever loved with his debut single that tackles those memories with “Like Glue.” 

A singer with a songwriter’s hand, Quentin Wylie displays all his talents in what seems effortlessly on his debut single, “Like Glue.” He has this Bob Dylan way of delivering his tales of love with a modernity to it that would make this a fan favorite of fans artists such as James Bay. Musically, that is where this song resides but lyrically – “Like Glue” is a universal story that many could have penned themselves because who has not been in a similar situation of thinking back on a relationship that is no more and having the rush of sentiments Quentin Wylie displays throughout? 

For a debut, “Like Glue” stands strong but it is not alone. Along with his first song out of the gate, Quentin Wylie decided to drop another single to coincide. So when you head to any and all major music and streaming sites you can attach yourself not only to “Like Glue,” but also “I’m not the only one for you (nor you the one for me).” The latter being a great companion piece to the other. Again, both are available now, so check them out today. 

Written by Kendra Beltran





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