“Little Bird” by Ela Ira

“Little Bird”, the latest release by Berlin-based artist Ela Ira, is breath-taking. Deeply emotional lyrics are paired with a powerful delivery that will have you thinking back to it hours after listening. The lyricism was beautiful and helped this delicate track soar.

The first thing to hit me was the dreaminess of the atmosphere. Everything came together phenomenally. Deepening the emotion and impact of the lead melody. The contrast of the absolute power in the vocals and supportive instrumental was incredible and showcased Ela Ira phenomenally. From the minute the piano started to the last note I was hooked and entranced by the beauty.

The harrowing beauty is only possible with Ela Ira’s delicate yet powerful voice. Supported by the easy-going piano, every word would hang on your palette. Once the tone was set and the other instrumental voices joined the texture, everything felt much more powerful. Although more voices enter, the song never lost its simplistic beauty. These different sounds melded together easily. Entering almost as smoothly as they would exit. 

Released alongside a music video that shows off the raw talent that went into producing this song. Had it not been for this artistic video, I wouldn’t have caught on to Ela Ira’s incredible piano playing. The vocals alone are impressive, but theres a special intimacy when accompanying yourself. Every up and down was interesting and nice to listen to. A great release, and an absolutely beautiful song all around.

“Little Bird” by Ela Ira is available on all major streaming services.

Written by Tyler Roberts




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