“Yolo is a Lie” by Hyattsvillain

We’ve all heard the term “Yolo” before, short for “You only live once”. It was quite popular 10 years ago; it was the saying for every high schooler who wanted to use it as an excuse to rebel in some way. Whether or not you believe this saying or not, there are people who completely disagree with it, including today’s artist, the grunge/alternative rock band HYATTSVILLAIN, with their latest single, “Yolo Is A Lie”. Hard-hitting guitars, distorted vocals, old school 90s grunge vibe with even elements of electronica, all accompanied by an awesome music video inspired by Occult and early Ari Aster short films.

This uncompromising grunge track is taking a stance against this saying, which the band believes people use to make poor decisions, for good reason. With lyrics such as “You don’t only live once. Yolo’s a Lie. You live each and every day. Once is how you die” highlight’s HYATTSVILLAIN’s disagreement with the saying. The track is a unique blend of warped guitars, a blunt bass, and intense drums, all blending together to make the ultimate modern grunge song. The vocals are so distorted that one must really listen to the lyrics: a song with meaning. 

The video has two masked men playing chess, and at the end one of them shoots the other guy in the head, showcasing that “YOLO” really is a lie. The video is taken in one long take, with the camera slowly zooming in closer on the two masked men, which really makes the viewer pay attention to what is happening between them.

“Yolo is a Lie” was recorded in Washington D.C. during the summer of 2021. The track was mixed by multiple grammy award winner Andros Rodriguez, mastered by Alan Douches, and live drums played by Jon Jester. It is the second single released from the band, which will be on their upcoming album “Short Songs for a Fast Life”, which is set to release in summer of 2022. 

Written by Melissa Cusano

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