“Bluebird” by Dakota Mill

When a creative mind travels, there is no doubt that something will come of it. A painting, a story, or in the case of Bradon Dougherty of Dakota Mill, a song. Yes, the singer-songwriter that founded Dakota Mill was out in the western part of Canada and upon his return, he was inspired to pen a song that told this beautifully reflective narrative of his time away. The end result being “Bluebird,” the third of a string of singles that are leading up to an LP, ‘Earthlicker.’ 

Like many folk songs, “Bluebird” is far from an actual winged creature. No, this is a musical tale riddled with metaphors about experiences out west, including those of a romantic nature. While a personal page out of Brandon Dougherty’s mental diary, “Bluebird” feels like one of those songs that gets a crowd going because of the delivery. Originally a simple song on an acoustic guitar, “Bluebird” got elevated with the help of multi-instrumentalist Joey den Butter. Working together, Dakota Mill and den Butter delivered a song that would make venues big and small sing in unison by the end of the night. 

Dakota Mill kicked off their current run of singles with the hopeful “Better Days” and “Rocky Shores,” which is the curveball of the three sonically. All of those, as well as “Bluebird,” will be available on Dakota Mill’s upcoming LP, ‘Earthlicker.’ While you wait for the entire record to drop, you can get your fix of great indie folk from Dakota Mill by checking them out on all major music and streaming sites now. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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