“Phantasm” by Basil Babychan

One doesn’t need to release music for years to be recognized as a skilled artist. At least not when they’re Basil Babychan. The Indian-Dutch artist dropped his debut single in 2020 and since then has released an EP, as well as two singles in 2021. With “Phantasm” being the latest in what’s to be a long line of wonderful additions to the musical landscape. 

Listening to his first single from 2021, “Transient,” it was apparent that Basil Babychan worked with imagery in mind. It served up day in the city vibes, while his October release, “Phantasm,” was able to transport listeners elsewhere. Where exactly? Basil Babychan says this song represents a state of mind, an alternate universe. So not of this world, but ironically enough I found myself not in a Virginian apartment when I pressed play, but somewhere more elegant in this east meets west marriage of sounds and styles. 

Basil Babychan has this inspired way of utilizing an array of styles and incorporating them seamlessly into one piece of music. He has done it elsewhere in his discography and continues to do it here, only this time it has this ethereal feel to it. So much so, you feel as if you’re in a dream, floating with only the sounds of “Phantasm” carrying you through the motions. 

Basil Babychan’s music is for those who appreciate cinematic music that leans towards modern classical. If that’s you, check out “Phantasm” and all the rest of his music out now on all major music and streaming sites.  

Written by Kendra Beltran

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