“Out of Time” by Miles to Midnight

Sydney-based alternative rock band Miles to Midnight have just released their high-energy, hair-raising debut album ‘Out of Time’. Exploring the sporadic tendencies of our daily thoughts and housing immense introspection and profound lyricism, Miles to Midnight have succeeded in crafting a thoughtful and eclectic debut record.

The band wanted to convey a strong message throughout this record – every second counts. The bittersweet lyrics and enigmatic array of musical influences produce a wide array of emotions over the course of each song. From ‘Bittersweet’s dreamy fusion of acoustic rhythm and electric riffs to the energetic ‘Patriot’ filled with impassioned vocals and strong instrumentation. 

‘Out of Time’, the titular track off the record stands out as one of the many highlights. Miles to Midnight shows off their superb song-writing skills and ability to create an incredible sonic landscape on this song. The performances are top notch and demands your attention from the opening seconds.

The album’s consistent themes marred with its diverse musicality and constant changes in pace provides a brilliant and unique experience from start to finish. The 90’s alt rock influences are clear across several tracks such as ‘Walk Away’ and ‘No second Chances’ but a soft rock vibe comes into play on tracks like ‘You’ll Walk with Angels’, with its powerful down-tempo.

The entirety of this album was recorded, produced, mixed and mastered at the bands (Josh Mason and Sam Morrell) home studio in the midst of a state-wide lockdown. Their years of experience are on full display here in how intense and great this album sounds.

‘Out of Time’ is a brilliant debut album that establishes Miles to Midnight as one of Sydney’s most exciting upcoming bands. From its strong production to emotive performances, ‘Out of Time’ is as good a debut album as you could ask for. Stream it here now!

Reviewed by Ciarán Coleman







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