“Bool Boy, Vol. 1” by KITE

KITE’s latest EP, “Bool Boy, Vol. 1,” is the perfect mix of modern hip-hop, trap, R&B, and even some lofi. Consisting of four ultra-addicting tracks, “Bool Boy, Vol. 1” is the perfect addition to your New Year’s playlist. The highly-anticipated EP was being promoted as early as summer 2020, and nearly a year and a half later, the wait is finally over.

The EP opens up with the R&B-esque track “Drop”, which showcases KITE’s singing ability. This track is about KITE’s clothing brand, signifying how far he’s gone and all the plans he has for the future of his brand. KITE’s silky-smooth voice is perfectly accompanied by the calming instrumental, marking a perfect intro to the EP. “Drop” is followed by “Mardi Gras,” which wholly encompasses club music. This track is the ultimate party song: KITE’s  voice effortlessly switching from his soprano-toned voice to alto-toned rap flow. Catchy chorus and a beat that is impossible to not dance to. “Mardi Gras” is literally about partying, so what better song to party to?

The following track, “Brazy” feels like a mix of the two previous tracks, having elements of both hip-hop and R&B. This track feels the most romantic and sexual of the other tracks; a great song to dance with that special one with. The last and fourth song on the EP, “ON IT,” produced by YTG, showcases KITE’s rapping ability. Another ultimate clubbing song, “ON IT,” is the perfect pregame song to get ready for a night out with.

For fans of The Migos, Drake, and just feel-good R&B and hip-hop won’t get enough of “Bool Boy, Vol. 1”. It has a nostalgic taste of 90s R&B, but KITE also does a remarkable job making it fresh and new. If you’re looking for some new songs to make your party playlist talked about for weeks, make sure to add something (or everything) from “Bool Boy, Vol. 1”; you won’t regret it!

Written by Melissa Cusano

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