“Happy Then” by Three Years Gone

Three Years Gone have been gaining notoriety since their start in 2018. Their newest release, “Happy Then” is exciting and expands upon the group’s established sound. The heavy, rock vibe provides great support for the vocals. They’d dance over top of the texture while still commanding attention. The melody through the chorus was electric and impossible to get out of your head. Eventually devolving into a guitar solo, there was never a moment of silence or without something interesting happening.

The thick texture reminded me of what you’d find on a Rock Band game, each instrument was interesting and involved without getting in the way of the vocals. Speaking of vocals, they were just awesome all around. Lead melodies were intricate while still being easy enough to sing along with. Easily commanding attention through the entirety, even the lower energy parts like the breakdown. Whenever Three Years Gone decided to layer vocals they’d deepen the harmonies happening around them awesomely. When paired with the dedicated rhythm section and strong lead vocals the result was catchy and cool.

One part in particular that stood out above the others was how colorful the harmonies were. Although it’s easy to set to chord structure and stick to it, the band had no issues using “color tones” or tones that don’t fit snugly into those chords. They allowed the already exciting vocals to explore and expand the vibe of “Happy Then”. 

Reminiscing on the past is always bitter-sweet. Rose-colored goggles help paint everything in a much gentler light, but the infallible truth is always there. Still, it can be nice to think back on how great things were and how happy you used to be. Three Years Gone did a fantastic job capturing this energy on this fun new track.

“Happy Then” by Three Years Gone is available now on any major streaming services.


Written by Tyler Roberts



Solo (accounts compiled)


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