“Paradise” by Roses In Hand

Australian pop duo, Roses In Hand, expand their recognizable and uplifting sound with their newest release, “Paradise”. Although the group is known predominantly for their acoustic work in the past, this catchy new tune features modern drums and synths. Easily melding with the band’s uplifting theme of loving yourself unconditionally, the whole atmosphere was energizing. An awesome song that is sure to stay stuck in your head for days on end.

 The melodies just seem to make sense. They were easy to follow and impossible to forget. Pushed along by bass riffs that drops the floor out from beneath you, the dance groove was exciting and energetic. It contrasted the powerful, yet relaxed vocals phenomenally. Between how comfortable the lead melody felt and the effervescent instrumental, the vibe on “Paradise” was infectious.

When the anthemic chorus came around the whole groove seemed to lock in. The playful vocals sounded fun and helped push the energy along nicely. Pairing easily with lyrics of love, the whole vibe was palpable. Perfect for a dance floor or scream crying in your bedroom, the dance elements helped “Paradise” lean into the optimistic feel. Chock full of emotion, they’re bound to help turn even the saddest day around.

What kept me coming back to this song was the passion that went into the performance. You can hear the smile of the lead vocals, and the instrumental helps to bring out the highs and lows incredibly well. There’s never a moment that feels empty, superficial, or unnecessary. Instead, Roses In Hand deliver an exciting mood that fits with the theme of the lyrics marvelously.

“Paradise” by Roses In Handw is available now on any major streaming services.


Written by Tyler Roberts




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