“Pull Up” by Victoria Taylor Feat. Love Ian

Italian-American singer-songwriter Victoria Taylor collaborated with rapper Love Ian in her single “Pull Up,” a catchy tune with an enthralling hook and beat. Throughout the commercial-pop track, Taylor holds her listener’s attention with her superb vocal quality and range, along with Love Ian’s impressive bars.

According to Taylor, the idea for the song came when she and her producer, Matty Carlock, brainstormed during quarantine and realized that they both miss and crave human connection, which a lot of people felt once the government enacted lockdown. Using that theme, the singer wrote the sassy song that touches on knowing your worth and going after what you want because of it — like a boss would, which is the kind of vibes you get from Taylor. 

While the instrumentation is simple, the song was beautifully produced to where nothing is overbearing — everything blends beautifully together. The instrumentation brings this vibrance and energy to the song, contributing to the danciness of the piece, especially with the strong bass and beat. 

Needless to say, Taylor’s vocals in “Pull Up” are phenomenal! From beginning to end, Taylor’s vocals build and continuously impress. Specifically, after Love Ian’s verse, she sings “you’ll never wanna leave,” and effortlessly makes her way to a high note —goosebumps! 

Love Ian pops in, dripping with swagger in his verse, dropping incredible bars and elevating this coolness the song has. 

Words cannot describe just how talented Taylor is; we are here for it and ready for more. 

Written by Taylor Berry

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