“Stranger EP” by Nick Catoire

Nick Catoire is known for making groovy, danceable songs. Stranger EP is no exception to this, loaded with 19 tracks there is plenty of music to enjoy. Not only that, but most of these tracks feature artist commentary or voice memos giving a peek into the behind the scenes that made this cool EP come to fruition.

One of the most impressive parts was Catoire’s ability to curate such catchy melodies. Every new song was full of melodies that were impossible to get out of your head. Remixes helped bring these out and added cool twists to the production style.

Kicked off by the song “No Promises” which sets the energy of the EP phenomenally. Full of Kygo-esque exciting synths the production is great. The real standout was the fun and powerful vocals from Nick Catoire. Not only would they give the song energy but managed to do so while sounding relaxed and comfortable.

The follow-up to No Promises, “See you Again” was the first Nick Catoire song I heard. It shows off his style phenomenally. Led by the powerful vocals the song settles into its groove easily. I have already written about the Ivy States remix (you can find the link at the bottom of the article), but found myself loving the original just as much. The original focuses more on Catoire while the remix focuses on the bouncy and at times funky instrumental. Both were phenomenal takes on a catchy song.

Including the voice memos that eventually turned into the completed songs was a cool idea that I wish more artists did. It helps shed some insight into the creative process of making these bangers – almost like a director’s cut! I also liked the compilation of remixes, were it not for their inclusion I would never have found them. By putting them on the EP it not only exposes me to new producers but also gives more music to enjoy. Although this review focuses mainly on the original versions of the songs, both the remixes and other add-on tracks were welcome additions that deepened the listening experience of “Stranger”.

The easy-going relaxed vibe is deepened on the third track, “Can’t Look At You Now”. Contrasting the preceding song phenomenally in both energy and content matter. Going from longing for somebody to the exact opposite, hoping they leave your life. Despite this, there’s an underlying vibe of respite. Almost thankful for what had happened, but glad it’s over. 

Perhaps the most somber of the tracks, the title track “Stranger” managed to contrast the upbeat, energetic vibe phenomenally. Showing off the more delicate side of Nick Catoire, it was pretty without straying too far from the dance-aspect that the other songs on the EP established. It showed off his versatility and range as an artist. An awesome EP from an artist who continues to impress.

“Stranger EP” by Nick Catoire is available now on any major streaming services.
For more reading check out our writeup on the “See You Again (Ivy States remix)” – https://risingartistsblog.com/2021/08/11/see-you-againivy-states-remix-by-nick-catoire/


Written by Tyler Roberts




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