“Work Baby” by Yoder

Easy going guitars greet you on Yoder’s newest release, “Work Baby”. It’s easy to listen to and uplifting. Defined by the playful vocals and instrumental, the song shows off Yoder’s personality in a fun and catchy way. Sounding like a close friend, everything fits the atmosphere of the song phenomenally. The relaxed energy washes over you as the song ebbs and flows.

Something I found interesting was how much the layered vocals affected the mood. They added to the harmonies and twisted whatever was going on around them. While the lead melody was walking along comfortably, these colorful harmonies kept it all interesting and enjoyable. Despite the explorative harmonies, “Work Baby” never lost its uplifting and cool energy. Sometimes these layered vocals were just adding energy too, with interludes of conversation. They helped push the playful vibe, and really tied everything going on in the instrumental together.

The way everything came together was magical. Both fun to listen to and sing along with, “Work Baby” is a great addition to Yoder’s discography. At points leaning into the jazzy energy, while at others sounding more like a hyperpop song. Intensely groovy and happy the different influences worked together phenomenally. I’ve talked in the past about the concept of “Hearing a smile” and this is a great example. You don’t need to be present to know that Yoder had a great time creating/performing this song. From the catchy chorus to the verses filled with love there wasn’t a moment that I didn’t enjoy.

“Work Baby” by Yoder is available now on any major streaming services.


Written by Tyler Roberts


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