“Fall Back To You” by Lydia Briggs

The young and beautiful singer-songwriter Lydia Briggs’ recently released single “Fall Back To You” is, as she describes, a “tender death march” that one will most definitely fall in love with. From the keys to Briggs’ marvelous voice, every aspect of the song hypnotizes and leaves you hanging on the edge of your seat with your mouth agape in bewilderment of the song’s beauty. 

Repetition in music may be seen as annoying to some, but it’s the exact opposite in Briggs’ track. The repetition in the keys brings warmth and comfort to the song because the listener becomes familiar with it. The percussion enters with its own rhythm that sort of goes against the keys’ rhythm (yet they still complement each other) and makes the track a bit more upbeat. 

Briggs’ voice is very soft and soulful and the heart of the song. It’s impressive how the instrumentals blend with the vocals while allowing Briggs voice to shine, in which she does. Briggs enables the listener to get a taste of her rang without overdoing it, which is absolutely stunning. 

One cannot give props to the compelling and haunting backing vocals that reel you into their grasp. Overall, the song is extremely beautiful.

Briggs is a beautiful artist who is just starting in her music career and is continuously improving (like every artist, including the well-known ones). Undoubtedly, Briggs has so much talent that will lead her to big things in her music career. 

Written by Taylor Berry

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