“Lonely Nights” by Satre

If you’re looking for the perfect tune for your relaxation night or that perfect night drive, “Lonely Nights” by Satre is that song. The three-minute and 10-second electro-pop song full of catchy melodies and dreamy instrumentals ease and open the mind, ensuring a stress-free and chill night. Additionally, the song is an excellent tune to jam to!

Immediately, you’re drawn to the incredible beat that isn’t too simple nor complex but successfully captures the listener’s attention and interest.

The heart of the song would have to be Satre’s astonishing voice. He captivates his audience through his airy and soft vocals. And even though his vocals are smooth, they continue to amaze and shine — kind of similar to Billie Eilish.

Overall, the song is beautiful and has immense energy and warmth. To top it off, “Lonely Nights” also has a remarkable music video, and I believe the video depicts the song’s theme and purpose. 

Satre is a continuously rising artist who is thriving in his music career. It’s incredible to see that he is a multifaceted artist, blending various genres beautifully in his music.

Multifaceted artists like Satre blend different genres to make flavorful music and show their appreciation for those genres and incorporate all the genres that made them who they are. Sartre currently has a few singles for all to enjoy, but there will undoubtedly be more, and we are excited for him to release them sometime in the future.

Written by Taylor Berry

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