“Flipside” by Stacey Jackson

Thank you, Stacey Jackson, for giving us Gen Zers a real taste of the ’80s with your recent single “Flipside.” While many musicians like The Weekend have ’80s pop influences in their music, Jackson serves the authentic ’80s sound in this anthemic track — I guess you can say “Flipside” is a time machine!

The first indication that the song is going to be amazing and energetic is the bouncy beat you hear at the beginning and continues throughout the song. It’s simple yet it brings energy and motivation to the track — would be good for an ’80s workout routine. 

When the synths enter, the track becomes uplifting because it gains so much more power, exuberance, and color. Jackson cranks the uplifting and motivation up as soon as she starts singing her empowering lyrics about taking those risks to become a better version of yourself despite the obstacles. With that said, you may want to make “Flipside” your alarm tone!

You wouldn’t expect less from someone who has worked with well-known musicians and producers like Snoop Dogg and C-Rod, so it’s no surprise that this song is beyond sensational — Jackson continues to give her audience superb music.

It’s incredible that Jackson launched her music career at the age of 40, in which most people that age have been told they’re too old, which Jackson has probably heard before, but she still went for it and produced amazing work because of her strength. She’s an amazing artist and one to look out for.

Written by Taylor Berry

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