“The Hollywood Machine” by Moon Walker

“The Hollywood Machine” is the newest electrifying rocker from the well known duo, Moon Walker. If you aren’t familiar with them just yet, no worries, you will be soon. Harry Springer is the singer and guitarist while Sean McCarthy is on the drums, the two guys met in high school in Colorado and have been playing together ever since.

The inspiration behind the song is a wild one, there were a few documentaries watched about being a child star in LA and it was very disheartening. In one of them someone referred to the whole structure as “The Hollywood Machine”, and that is what inspired the song. To put it simply, this song is about the corruption and greed of the elite members of the TV/film industry.

Moon Walker has been making tremendous waves in the music industry, they have hundreds of thousands listens on multiple songs. Only 11 days into the release, the newest single “The Hollywood Machine” already has over 7,000 listens. It’s clear why the duo is keeping you engaged in their music, they speak on political topics that are sure to get you raging.

Being in the industry, it’s easy to get caught up the evilness of it all, maybe you realize it and maybe you don’t but no matter what decision you make, the corruption becomes clear. Moon Walker does an amazing job at making sure you don’t get caught up in all the lies of the world, they make it okay to look beyond the smoke machine.

No matter what song you choose to listen to first, it will get you hooked on Moon Walker. With the way the world is going today, they are a healthy addiction to have.

“Music is like a trojan horse. It’s loaded with agenda and opinions but people welcome that criticism right into their ears because they like the melody and don’t listen to the lyrics.”- Harry Springer

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Gabriel Mendoza




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