“Warm” by Jay Curti$

“Warm” is the perfect title for Florida-based R&B artist Jay Curti$’s latest release. With absolute control on the easy-going vibe, the vocals are out of this world. Laced with emotion, they push and pull at the texture elegantly. Soaring over top the light instrumental, they are powerful and leaned into the easy-listening vibe.

I loved how they filled out the otherwise thin texture. There was never a moment where they sounded unsupported or out of place. Instead, the way the instrumental conformed around them allowed the long melodies to float overtop gently. The atmosphere of the whole song was like a dream, never feeling tied down. 

At points reminiscent of Frank Ocean, the airiness of the vocals filled any space the gentle strings left. Spending the whole time in the stratosphere sounded easy and showed off Jay Curti$’s talent behind a microphone. Not only did it sound effortless, but the vocals complemented the texture phenomenally well. Although they commanded attention, they did so in a way that was still lovely and elegant.

One of my favorite parts was the open harmonies. “Warm” never felt the need to break into dense clusters, instead allowing layered vocals to occasionally interject colorful chords. They’d bolster and support the lead vocals without getting in their way or even sticking out. Absolutely gorgeous, and definitely a song that helps pull you out of bad moods. A great release by Jay Curti$, and definitely not the last time you’re going to see his name.

“Warm” by Jay Curti$ is available now on any major streaming services.


Written by Tyler Roberts





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