‘I Found You’ by Church Mice

Have you found the right person yet? The one that lights up your life unlike anything ever has before? It’s an experience that’s truly spiced with emotion. It feels so freeing and adventurous, but it can also give you a deep sense of stability in your life. Church Mice’s debut EP ‘Flying’ includes a track about this experience in the second track on it. It’s called ‘I Found You.’

‘I Found You’ builds just the right chill indie sound with dashes of influences from the 80s. The acoustic guitar also brings some nice folksy tones to the track. It works with an eclectic range of genres to give an overall calming sound, but there’s also a sense of excitement. There are times when the beat of the instrumentation is played with a quicker tempo than the vocals, and it gives the overall track a sense of livelihood.  There’s so much soul in how the vocals work with long held notes that are full and smooth. The use of brass instrumentation during the bridge has tons of color to add to the overall sound, and it’s implemented smoothly. ‘I Found You’ is a wonderful and creative track that beautifully tells its story with both the music and the lyrics.

The lyrics of ‘I Found You’ are encapsulated in perfect simplicity. They tell a poetic story of falling in love. It captures the freedom and joy that finding just the right person creates. “You and me / Footloose & fancy-free / Sailin’ off on the breeze / Doin’ as we please,” the verse rings  out. This lyricism gives a glimpse into the adventurous nature of starting a new relationship. There’s something about how the whole track works together to build this message into an emotional experience. The overall chill atmosphere captures the comfort and stability of being in such a relationship.

Detroit-based indie 5-piece Church Mice was created by lyricist and songwriter Christian Carver Thompson and guitarist Bill Solomson. The two started creating music together since they were both 13 years old, originally playing in a band together called Letterbox. The two came back together after Christian saw Soundgarden live in 2017 shortly before the death of their singer Chris Cornell This was a band that was a huge inspiration for both of them, and Chris’ legacy brought the two back together. ‘I Found You’ serves as the second track to a debut EP that marks a solid start of releases on this new musical journey between Christian and Bill.

Written by Sage Plapp




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