‘Shalom’ by LouxChill

Sometimes to move forward in life you need to stop allowing fake people to use you and get in the way. You need to take charge and assert that those kinds of people aren’t the ones you want to be around in your life. That seems to be what the message of ‘Shalom’ by LouxChill. The hard rap lines tell a message of strength, and even aggression, toward this opposition. It also tells a tale of rising up with a fire and getting yourself into a better life position. The rapping absolutely hits, and the instrumentation adds the perfect underlying jazz color to the overall sound.

‘Shalom’ uses a jazzy lo-fi background beat that adds dynamics to the sound but allows the punchy rap lines to truly pop. The bass and piano sounds add a chill atmosphere, and a repetitive and entrancing vocal harmony is sung throughout. It really adds to the overall experience of listening through the track and pulls in the perfect jazz tone to the overlying hip-hop sound. It offers up something new while using sounds that add just the right dash of nostalgia. The rap bars in the track go hard, delivering a quick rhythmic vocal that’s performed with clarity and punchiness.

The lyrical tale of ‘Shalom’ seems to tell a story of not taking shit and rising up through the challenges and opposition life throws at you. It also tells a tale of an artist who rose up during the difficult time of the pandemic. Even though it’s been a challenging time, some people have still been able to make things happen and invest in their art more often. The title of the track appears in the song with creative and colorful lyrics. “Even Jesus kept his son around to show us self control / She washed his feet in a bowl / Shalom,” they ring out. The bars throughout the track are nothing short of creative and colorful. They hit just right in the dynamic beat and leave a lot for the listener to ponder.

LouxChill started creating music in 2019. Due to the pandemic, he hasn’t been able to perform live, but he’s taken time to already release a fairly vast discography. He makes great use of lo-fi sounds to build an encapsulating atmosphere within his tracks but also works with heavier more bass-driven beats in other songs. He creates raps with a wide range of hip-hop sounds, and has created so much in a short span of time. Louxchill’s creative vocal lines will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat and ready for more.

Written by Sage Plapp



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