‘Shed A Tear (For Christmas)’ by Mel Quinn

Even though the holiday season is supposed to be one that’s filled with joy and love, it doesn’t always feel that way. There’s also that oversaturated hustle and bustle, and the world of retail becoming an absolute hellscape. There are the same repetitive tunes everywhere you go and corrupt corporations begging for even more money. Flu spreads on the rise, and now there’s Covid too. Seeing family can be a toss-up between pleasant and awful, and it unravels dark emotions for those who have lost family members or have no one to come home to. Overall, it can be a garbage season. If you’re sitting here on Christmas day just waiting for it to be over, then ‘Shed A Tear (For Christmas)’ by Mel Quinn might be the perfect track to close off the season.

‘Shed A Tear (For Christmas)’ has the perfect Christmasy sound without being obnoxiously overdone like everything else playing during the holiday season. These undertones are especially dashed in with the jingle bells and the stretched-out and harmonized vocal lines. This track overall captures the joyful energy of the holiday season in its music, offering tons of warm and bubbly tones, which does a great job of contrasting the lyrics. Overall, it does a great job at using the music and writing to give a glimpse into two different narrative themes of the Christmas season.

The lyrics of ‘Shed A Tear (For Christmas)’ will relate to anyone who has been patiently waiting for the end of the season. Not only does it pick on the annoyances like the music and hustle and bustle. It also explores the deeper topic of financial extortion in its lines, “Over crowded towns, fake fat red clowns / trying to expose lots of money off you.” It also gives a nod to all you people out there who hate the holiday season after spending year after year trapped in the retail industry. This is a song that lyrically does a great job at capturing the worse parts of Christmas and the holiday season.

Mel Quinn is a solo indie artist who’s been writing music for about five years and started releasing music in 2020. ‘Shed A Tear (For Christmas)’ is her fourth single in a creative and original discography. Mel wrote and created all of the music behind ‘Shed A Tear (For Christmas)’ with Indi Forde from Indi and the Vegas on mixing and producing. Mel Quinn has a fun and interesting discography, and ‘Shed A Tear (For Christmas),’ is the perfect addition.

Written by Sage Plapp




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