“Awaken” by Under Delusion

Under Delusion is a Moscow based rock band that features lead vocals from their low timbered singer. The band is comprised of members well into their thirties, Under Delusion speaks volumes on behalf of life-long passion and experience united.

According to the group, they present themes of love, anger, loss, and all manner of honest reflections on humanity and life itself, their songs call out to the deep thinkers and emotionally uncertain alike. In times of great division and difficulty, they offer understanding, escapism, and solace.

“Awaken” is the seventh single from the Under Delusion, the experienced group shows no signs of slowing down. The melodic and dark vibes of the song draws in a different type of audience. “Awaken” is a song you can appreciate for its depth.

You can’t help but to love a front woman, especially one with such a low and beautiful voice such as Under Delusions lead singer. She easily draws you in with her enticing voice and powerful lyrics.

Under Delusion obviously knows what they are doing, they have generated over 6,500 listeners on Spotify and over 165,000 listens in their songs. With “Awaken” only being two days old, you can only imagine the listens this song is sure to bring.

“Awaken” is sure to be added to your daily playlists, the vibes of this song is unmatched. It can be played no matter your mood, if you’re happy or sad, it doesn’t matter. “Awaken” is the song for every mood.

Written by Jaye Maverick




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