If you’re a fan of hyper synthy hook-driven hyperpop and fast-paced hip-hop, then ‘TMM’ by Ovtsxder might just be the next single on your radar ‘TMM’ is part of his self-titled EP, where Ovtsxder chooses to deliver his own sound. It’s a mix that shows his overall musical range and develops his musical theming around a darker and more raw sound. 

‘TMM’ makes great use of the beat produced by RedTheKid. There’s a chaotic sound in the synths and snappy 808s that add to the high energy of the overall track. It offers up an extremely catchy instrumental hook. The overall sound is bright and poppy, the autotune over the rapping fitting it into the instrumentation. It makes itself another instrument in the high-energy electronic sound it delivers. It has a raw and homemade sound, and that lends itself to the piece

The flow in ‘TMM’ fits itself into the beat produced by RedTheKid by matching itself with the quick and aggressive energy. The fast rapping is delivered in a snappy way, Ovtsxder keeping up with the quick tempo. The lyrics are delivered with a sense of aggression, and it pulls in lyrical themes frequently used in subgenres such as gangster rap and hardcore hip hop. To pull a quote from Kendrick Lamar, it’s about “Sex, money, murder.” Three themes which seem to run through the society and culture of America.

Ovtsxder is an independent hip-hop artist creating his art in a raw way. He creates his music in a darkroom rather than a studio, giving it a home-done approach. From here he recorded, mixed, and mastered his own music, which gives it a feeling that’s truly his own style of creation and production. Ouxtsvder puts an energetic spin on indie hip-hop and marks himself as an artist that stands out.

Written by Sage Plapp




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