“Citylights” by Marianne Engebretsen

A lot of us mistake loneliness for going after something that you think you need, instead of going towards what you already have and clinging on to who you are. Thankfully, we were blessed with family and friends to have in our lives in case that feeling ever comes. Norwegian musician Marianne Engebretsen expresses this beautifully in her song “Citylights.” 

For starters, I wish I had a warning for the flawless harmonies at the very beginning. The soul-stirring harmonies at the beginning capture you by surprise but they hold your interest. Engebretsen’s beautiful, soulful, and raspy voice provides this necessary warmth to the song and you never want to stop listening to it. 

The acoustic instruments provide this intimate feel in the song — the acoustic guitar riff in this piece is absolutely stunning. And you definitely get lost in the distortion sound and the simple beat. 

The lyrics successfully paint the picture of what lonliness does to a person emotionally and physically, and I love how the lyrics enable you to see and feel what the writer was feeling. 

What makes a song soulful is the strong emotions and deep lyrics that are tied to it. Your listener should be able to feel the piece in their heart and soul. “Citylights” is an extremely soulful soul that loudly speaks to the listener’s heart and soul.

Hands down, Engebretsen did a phenomenal job with this track and proves that she is making her way to the top. We can’t wait to hear more of her beautiful art in the future. 

Written by Taylor Berry






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