“Alter Ego” by Imelda Gabs

If you’re looking for a little confidence booster, then musician Imelda Gabs’ single “Alter Ego” is exactly what you need and want to hear. The rebellious pop-rock track touches on the constant battle of fighting your inner demons. And it’s incredible how not only the lyrics portray this but also the spectacular music video that goes along with it. 

“Alter Ego” is an empowering tune with an unforgettable driving guitar, along with a splendid beat and bass that go hard. It’s phenomenal that every part of the song has a strong presentation, from the instrumentation to the vocals. Gabs doesn’t fail to impress her listeners with her flawless vocals by showing control and demonstrating her range. 

When it comes to a rock song, it’s imperative to make sure one part doesn’t overpower another, and it’s relieving to not hear that happening in this track — everything blends well! Another striking thing about the song is that the lyrics are rebellious and empowering and the instrumentation matches it. 

The creators behind the music video deserve a standing ovation for the quality in the video and the imagery. Watching it had me on the edge of my seat! While the song already has great power, the video cranked that power up to 1,000. 

“Alter Ego” is Gabs’ sophomore single, her first one being “Fallen Angel.” While it’s evident that Gabs is fresh into her music career, she undoubtedly had the talent to go far. Don’t hesitate to follow the “Alter Ego” singer on her musical journey. 

Written by Taylor Berry

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