“Night In The Wild” by Guerilla State

Guerilla State’s new track aligns with the ever-present social commentary defining their musical identity, telling the story of a father and so’s harrowing journey to escape a war-torn homeland. With strong descriptive lyrics and a thunderous backbeat, the track is a success for the band on all fronts.

Guerilla State are an emerging Irish rock group from Belfast/Melbourne, with a strong musical commentary on the social and political intricacies of the modern world.

Comprised of two members, Rory Robinson (Vocals, Synth / Piano, Guitars, Bass, Drums) and Michael Dalton (Backing Vocals, Synth / Piano, Guitars, Bass) and hailing from Ireland and Australia, Guerilla State offers a global perspective on governmental affairs and failings in an age of misinformation; shedding a light of transparency, unrestricted and uninfluenced from the pressures of social conformity.

Showing off a lush production from their respective home studios, ‘Night In the Wild’ is the duo’s most recent and eclectic song. After only releasing their first single off the upcoming EP ‘Handle with Care’ on June 11th, the band have started gaining quite a bit of hype for their second EP. Their ability to weave social and political commentary effortlessly into well crafted songs is paramount to their ever-growing success.

With lyrics like ‘They call it conflict but how can that be, what good’s a fist, against an army’ bands like ‘Rage Against The Machine’ come to mind, but Guerilla State’s unique sonic identity separates them from other rock acts. With their new EP on its way out and several great tracks there’s no better time to start enjoying the duo’s growing discography. Stream their new track ‘Night In The Wild’ now!

Reviewed by Ciarán Coleman





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