“Mother of the Boy in the Band” by Roma Rose

This single is just for you for all of you Beatles and John Lennon fans. And even if you aren’t, you’re still going to enjoy it. Uk-based singer-songwriter Roma Rose released “Mother of the Boy in the Band,” which was released on the anniversary of Lennon’s death and lyrically salutes the work of the music legend and The Beatles. 

The piece is a bit more melancholy but very sweet and gives a different perspective of the day Lennon died — a mother’s perspective, in which Rose succeeded. The lyrics explore grief, guilt, and celebrity culture and how we tie into it all.

Typically, when a famous musician dies, the world responds with radio stations playing their song, fans wearing their t-shirts, and people attending a candlelight vigil for that person. But when time passes and years go by, people forget while the family members of that musician constantly remember that the person they knew and loved more than the fans is gone, specifically the mother — it’s heartbreaking.

And it makes you think about how fans would be listening to a deceased musician’s music because they love and appreciate it while the mother would be because it’s a piece of her child. 

The track is beyond powerful and gives the listener something to think about. I love how Rose took a humble and sweet approach when writing this song. It has great lyrics, beautiful harmonies, and delightful piano melodies. Thank you, Rose, for the gorgeous gift to the world.

Written by Taylor Berry

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