“Phoenix” by Fleck Projector

Canadian musician Fleck Projector takes his listener on a thrilling ride with his latest single, “Phoenix.” The track is one song you’ll never forget with driving percussion and dramatic dynamics.

While it does have a strong rock sound, the danciness in the instrumentation does captivate you. The instrumentation during the verses is much lighter and happier than when the chorus hits, in which things become more melodramatic. Not a bad thing; it makes the song even more intriguing. 

The song gets immense energy from the melodic guitars and percussion, but it’s incredible how they don’t overpower the other instrumentals and vocals. And while the song does have some edge to it, I do like how it has a chill nature, enabling you to listen and allow your mind to relax. 

The lyrics in this piece are incredible and profound, especially when he sings, “I no longer Cary guilt, I’m done holding the blame.” 

The only “negative” thing I would say is the song ending abruptly — you don’t ever want the song to end. 

Overall, Fleck Projector did a fantastic job on “Phoenix” and there’s no doubt that other people feel the same way. There’s no telling where Fleck Projector will go on his music journey, considering this is his debut release, but we can’t wait for future releases. 

Written by Taylor Berry

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