“Tell Me When” by Love Ghost

Los Angelos based band Love Ghost is composed of lead vocalist and guitarist Finnegan Bell, Ryan Stevens as bassist and backing vocals, Daniel Alcala on guitar, engineer, backing vocals and Cory Batchler on keys and backing vocals. They are known for their hyperness and unique take on pop punk, even just punk in general.

According to the group, “Tell Me When” is a pop-punk song in the vein of MGK. It’s about having someone stuck on your mind, and wondering if you’re also on that person’s mind. You are lying if you said that someone has never just been endlessly running through your mind. Maybe you have a crush that you are too scared to tell you like, so you just can’t help but to always think of the what ifs.

“Tell Me When” from Love Ghost is the perfect song to describes all of those possible bottled up feelings. Self medicating and self hatred are two of the worst combinations, but hey sometimes life hits you and that happens. “Tell Me When” addresses all of those issues.

It’s obvious Love Ghost is doing many things correctly. They have hundreds of thousands of listens on multiple songs, and over a million listens on their number one song “Closure”. Although “Tell Me When” is only two weeks old it already has over 20 thousand listens. It’s clear that Love Ghost is giving you exactly what you need, and if you haven’t heard them yet now is your chance. You won’t regret it.

“The new music that’s coming from Love Ghost is just our storytelling of the things happening in our lives at the moment,” says band frontman Finnegan Bell. “These songs, to me, are really all threaded together by time. We are in an insane period of history, and therefore we are writing some insane music.”

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Dan Bell




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