“Find Something” by Avresa

Covid has made life a little difficult for a lot of us. But most of us had to find something to help us cope with those hard times. Australian-based musician Avresa discusses this in his recent single “Find Something.” 

“Find Something” is about the struggle to find positivity or purpose during difficult times. How do you find the light in the darkness when it seems so far away? Avresa encourages us to see that something, whether a thing or person, to help us get to the end of the dark tunnel. 

The track takes its listener on an incredible emotional roller coaster with its sweet melodies and heartwarming lyrics. The acoustic instruments give the song an intimate and humble touch, while the driving melodic electric guitars motivate to find that something. 

With vibrant melodies and haunting backing vocals, “Find Something” is a phenomenal song that would feed its listeners motivation and courage to go do exactly what Avresa is encouraging people to do. 

This is precisely the song we need during these challenging times, and it was charming and heroic of Avresa to create a song to encourage others. And, ironically, there’s no telling what he was going through when writing this, but it’s sweet that he wrote something to give strangers a piece of happiness. Thank you, Avresa, and we look forward to the music you release in the future. 

Written by Taylor Berry

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