“Columbus, Ohio” by nellie

nellie’s new track is a song about love, distance and coming to terms with reality, wrapped in gorgeous and warm indie pop.

“Columbus, Ohio” was recorded in Brooklyn, NY and mixed by Daniel Alvarez de Toledo and Jordan Dunn-Pilz, also known as indie duo TOLEDO. Influenced by the likes of John Prine, Fleetwood Mac and Bob Dylan, Nellie busks around New York City weekly, often near Strawberry Fields in Central Park or Washington Square Park.

The track houses an addictive drumbeat, simple but effective and ideal for nellie’s smooth vocals and instrumentation. Her lyrical ability and topics evoke an array of emotions, from loss to love and back again. We experience these feelings as the song progresses from verse to chorus, held tightly together by TOLEDO’s strong musicianship.

Nellie describes the songs inception:  ’I was in a long-distance relationship with my partner for two years until I moved down to NYC and we finally were together. He inspired me to try and write a fun song about our relationship. One of our first dates in NYC, we got (very) drunk at the Standard and started bullshitting about life together. He raved about Ohio, his old stomping grounds, and I reiterated how I would never move there. I’m a New Yorker through and through. After years together apart, I realized I just wanted to be together- no matter where.’

nellie’s first song is addictive indie pop that’s fresh and hints at a bright future for the upcoming artist. Strong song writing ability and tight production marks this a brilliant intro to the NY based songwriter. Stream “Columbus, Ohio” now!

Reviewed by Ciarán Coleman




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