“The World Needs Laughter” by Strangelight

Oakland based band Strangelight is a four piece band that consist of vocalist and guitarist Nat Coghlan, drummer Julia Lancer, Ian Miller as the bassist. and Tony Teixeira on guitar and vocals. The band began over ten years ago as a side project between Nat and Julia, who first met in California when Nat was on tour with a previous band.

Their latest release is EP “The World Needs Laughter”, it was recorded by Scott Evans at Sharkbite Studios, mixed by Scott Evans at Antisleep and mastered by Jack Shirley at Atomic Garden East. The layout was done by Josh Staples and the art was done by Strangelight’s very own, Tony Teixeira.

According to the group “The World Needs Laughter” focuses on the anxiety and monotony of 2020, the goal was to capture the manic feeling of the time they were going through. Since the EP was written during the pandemic, it’s safe to say that manic feeling is accurately portrayed. The EP features their most frantic material and muted ambient passages.

This ten minute EP is simply not long enough, you only get a taste of the greatness that is “The World Needs Laughter”. Each song will make you feel like bouncing off walls or having a solo mosh pit in your house. Every song on the EP is a heavy hitter, it’s impossible to stay sitting down while listening to Strangelight.

Knowing that this EP was written during the pandemic, makes it even more manic and chaotic, which will make you love Strangelight even more. Their head banging songs will make you add every single song to your daily playlists.

Nat describes their genre of music as anxiety and although it’s a non existent genre (as of now), I think it’s safe to say that Strangelight has just created that genre. When you think of anxiety, you will think of “The World Needs Laughter”.

“I don’t think ‘anxiety’ is a genre of music, but if it was, this would be it. These songs capture the feeling of bouncing between the abject terror and the mind-erasing monotony that is having a front row seat to the end of history.” – Nat Coghlan

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Scott Evans





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