‘Deliver the Impact’ by Bizawi

Creating things for the sake of it is a beautiful thing, but it seems to overshadow something just as important. Creating with a set purpose. The world of creating music is much like that of writing. By establishing a goal, you open up a world of opportunities for yourself. It allows you to grow through what you create and make that creation exactly how you want it. Experimental hip-hop artist Bizawi explores this concept in his latest single, ‘Deliver the Impact.’

‘Deliver the Impact’ is an interesting new track that’s nothing short of original. Its sound delivers a potent mix of spoken word, hip-hop, and experimental. The brighter vocal tone in the track perfectly contrasts the darker and more abrasive sounds used in the instrumentation. It’s a sound that’s raw and new. The vocal tone itself breaches out of the range of most spoken word and hip hop, being delivered with a bright nasal resonance. This is built upon through its absorbing vocal flow. These vocals definitely hit that percussive hip-hop range while breaching into having a more spoken sound to it.

‘Deliver the Impact’s lyrical exploration is on the idea of creating with intention. As Bizawi puts it, “practice with a goal is even more important.” He highlights that having a set goal is better than creation without a specific purpose. This goal sets a sort of standard of growth. It offers you opportunities to grow and learn new things while you’re creating, and this intention gives you the ability to know exactly what you want to deliver in what you create. This gives you something to purposefully work toward. As the lyrics state, “But doing for the sake of do ain’t good for you / Fun, put your helmet on, aim the gun / The value is how you train son.”

Bizawi is a musician out of the London streets who creates original and artistic tracks. He works with an interesting vocal flow and tons of dark and experimental sounds in the synthy and instrumentally eclectic instrumentation. It’s music that seems to breach the lines of genre while having a mainly hip-hop and spoken word basis. There’s already a bit of range in his discography, ‘Counting’ particularly showing this with its more piano ballad-sounding instrumentation. Bizawi’s music offers up something new and fresh, and his range builds enthusiasm for each new single that drops.

Written by Sage Plapp





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