“Building Blocks” by Mia Mormino

Mia Mormino’s unique brand of music is defined by her addictive vocal performances and lush production, now marred with a terrifically dark aesthetic.

Photo credit: Roman Wasn’t Built In A Day

“Building Blocks” represents the sin of Sloth in Mormino’s 2021 collection of music titled, “The Seven Deadly Sin-gles” where she releases one song and music video per sin of the seven deadly sins. The song is achingly haunting, housing ethereal instrumentation and vocals synonymous with Mormino’s style. This dive into horror-inspired songs, while egregiously new and exciting for the singer-songwriter, is perfectly understandable due to her already diverse catalogue available on Spotify. While reminiscent of powerful female singers such as Billie Eilish and Lady Gaga, Mormino has developed her own sound with distinct clarity, a testament to her prowess as a musician and songwriter.

The upcoming artist spoke on her new single: “I wanted to get as creepy and dark as possible with this track, so I thought what better way than to describe what you would see and feel as you sink down deeper and deeper.”

Accompanying the magnetic track is an equally captivating music video. The production crew have succeeded in crafting the perfect video to accompany the intensity of ‘Building Blocks’ as well as craft a genuinely unnerving piece of art. Find it here.

There’s no better time to get into Mia Mormino’s captivating music then now. Stream her new single ‘Building Block’ today!

Reviewed by Ciarán Coleman





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