“Home” by Linda Marks

“Home” is the latest release by Massachusetts-based singer/songwriter Linda Marks. As a lifelong composer, Marks’ music invokes deep emotions while staying delicate and pretty. She easily carried the various songs energies and did so in a gorgeous way. Never losing the conversational vibe that defines her sound, every new song was different but fit the theme perfectly.

On the first song, the title song, the easy-going melodies define what home is. Beyond being the 4 walls that you rest in, there are a lot of elements that make something a home – from the people to the safe feeling you get while there. “Home” did a phenomenal job setting the delicate tone of the album.

The long singsongy melodies that dot the various songs float along gently. Light vibrato keeps them interesting while the layered harmonies thicken the texture. Easily melding with the male vocals, the result is entrancing and easy to listen to. With each new song bringing a different sense of comfort, “Home” is a joy to listen to.

Part of what makes this album enjoyable is the warmth of the vocals and how they floated over the myriad of light textures. They’d never fall into a lull or lose their passion and because of that were easy-going and delicate through their entirety. A great display of intimate songwriting and Linda Marks’ prowess. Although this review didn’t dive into many specifics the details are evident and make every new song as enjoyable as the one preceding it.

“Home” by Linda Marks is available now on any major streaming services.


Written by Tyler Roberts





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